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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics: Companies, Technologies and Commercialization "Track B"

Iago Pereiro's Biography

Iago Pereiro, Researcher, IBM Research – Zurich

Dr. Iago Pereiro is currently a research fellow at IBM Research - Zurich, Switzerland. Previously, he received his PhD from the University of Pierre et Marie Curie in France with a grant from the Pierre Gilles de Gennes Foundation for microfluidics. He holds MSc. degrees in Nanosciences from University Paris-Saclay in France and Physics from University of Vigo, Spain, where he also obtained a BSc in Materials Engineering. His research interests are in leveraging microfluidics and transport for biomedical applications. He is currently driving research on ‘open space’ microfluidics for quantitation and translation of these technologies from bench-to-bedside/market. He is (co)-author of 20 scientific publications and 15 conference papers.

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Hydrodynamic Flow Confinements: From Surface Biopatterning to Tissue Section Profiling

Wednesday, 3 October 2018 at 17:00

Add to Calendar ▼2018-10-03 17:00:002018-10-03 18:00:00Europe/LondonHydrodynamic Flow Confinements: From Surface Biopatterning to Tissue Section

In contrast to standard microfluidics, which are typically closed, we are developing a scanning, non-contact microfluidic technology that can shape liquids in the "open space" over surfaces. This technology utilizes a microfluidic probe (MFP) having microfabricated structures for localizing a liquid of interest on a surface using hydrodynamic flow confinement. MFP permits patterning surfaces with proteins and other biomolecules in an additive and subtractive manner, forming complex gradients on surfaces, and interacting with cells on surfaces. Flow confinement and efficient use of chemicals can be further optimized using a concept called "hierarchical" hydrodynamic flow confinement. I will show how the interplay between diffusion, advection and surface chemistry can overcome limitations of existing biopatterning technologies. I will also propose concepts pertaining to tissue microprocessing encompassing local phenotyping for interrogating tumor heterogeneity and spatially resolved molecular profiling which may contribute to the multi-modal analysis of critical biopsy samples in the context of next-generation pathology.

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