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SELECTBIO Conferences NGS in Clinical Genomics - Applications and Advances

Mithua Ghosh's Biography

Mithua Ghosh, Director- Clinical Diagnostics, Triesta Sciences, Head- Department of Molecular and Clinical Genomics, HCG Oncology

Dr. Mithua Ghosh, Director-Clinical Diagnostics, Strand Life Sciences and Head of Department of Molecular and Clinical Genomics at Health Care Global Enterprises Ltd.(Bangalore, India) is an accomplished cancer biologist with over 18+ years of academic and corporate experiences in fields of Cancer Biology and Genomics, Molecular Pathology, translational research, and stem cell research. After her PhD, she pursued post-doctoral fellowship at Wright State University, Dayton, USA on role of various oncogenes involving p53 pathway. She received the ‘Biomedical Excellence Award’ for her diligent research and published multiple peer reviewed articles. Her research skills were further honed at British Columbia Cancer Research, Terry Fox Laboratory, Vancouver where she studied the role of cancer stem cells in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia .

Dr Mithua Ghosh has created a new business vertical of Cancer Genomics, Liquid Biopsy and molecular diagnostics for various cancer detection at HCG hospital. She has established the state of the art laboratory of Cancer genomics and Molecular diagnostic (together supporting Genomic Medicine) which cater to thousands of patients through HCG network. Her research at HCG follows the vision of comprehensive cancer care, bench to bedside approach. She had published peer reviewed publications, attended/chaired several national and international conferences and workshops. She is a member of Scientific Advisory Committee and Institutional Ethics and Research Board overseeing Cancer research at HCG.

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Role of Clinical Genomics and Liquid Biopsy in Personalized Medicine

Thursday, 29 November 2018 at 16:30

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The speaker will present data and clinical case studies to establish the utility of different molecular diagnostic platforms (including multigene testing by NGS and Liquid Biopsy) in both early diagnosed and advanced cancer cases and implication of stratifying patients based on their molecular profile that could potentially benefit/not benefit from targeted therapy and chemo-radiation.

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