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Jeff Cummings's Biography

Jeff Cummings, Senior Quality Assurance Scientist, Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute

Dr Jeff Cummings PhD is a Staff Scientist working within the Clinical and Experimental Pharmacology Group of the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute as its quality assurance (QA) manager. Jeff has been at the forefront of academic QA over the past 10 years. He co-founded the NTRAC QA group in 2004 and since then has chaired and steered the group through it various manifestations to its present form as the ECMC QA and Translational Science (QATS) group. Jeff has 34 years’ experience in cancer pharmacology and his present research interests are focused on biomarker method validation and qualification and quality control procedures. He has published over 170 papers, including the first reports on the validation and characterisation of circulating tumour cells (CTC) utilising advanced statistical analysis as 2 separate Technical Advances in BMC Cancer as well as guest editing a special issue of the Journal of Chromatography on Quantitative Analysis of Biomarkers by LC/MS. He recently led the QATS group accreditation initiative to CLIA, ISO17025 and ISO15189 standards, steered the Manchester Institute through an MHRA GCP Clinical Laboratory Regulatory Inspection and was elected to the Council of the British Testing and Measurement Association (BMTA).

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Fit-for-Purpose Biomarker Assay Validation – From Research Tool to Diagnostic Test

Wednesday, 28 January 2015 at 12:00

Add to Calendar ▼2015-01-28 12:00:002015-01-28 13:00:00Europe/LondonFit-for-Purpose Biomarker Assay Validation – From Research Tool to Diagnostic TestDiagnostics and Biomarkers - Online Event in

The process of method validation across the biomarker spectrum from research tool to diagnostic test is explained taking account of regulatory requirements. To illustrate the process, an example of a prognostic/predictive biomarker in cancer research is included.

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