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Martina Micheletti's Biography

Martina Micheletti, Lecturer, University College London

Martina obtained her first degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy). She then moved to London for her doctoral studies and obtained a PhD in Fluid Mechanics in Bioreactors from King’s College London in 2004. After a 3 years postdoctoral position in the Biochemical Engineering department at UCL she was appointed Lecturer in the same department in 2007. Her research focuses on the study of the influence of the engineering environment on different types of biological organisms in upstream and downstream bioprocessing operations with the aim to address key challenges in the scale-up of pharmaceutical processes. She is currently leading the development of a new £1 million Responsive Bioprocessing Facility equipped with the latest single-use technology for the study of flexible biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

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