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Kewal Jain's Biography

Kewal Jain, Chief Executive Officer/Professor, Jain Pharma Biotech

Professor K. K. Jain is a neurologist/neurosurgeon by training with fellowship qualifications from the Royal Colleges of Surgeons in Canada and Australia. After his retirement from clinical practice, he has been working in the biotechnology/biopharmaceuticals industry for several years. He received graduate training in both Europe and USA, has held academic positions in several countries and is a Fellow of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine of the Royal College of Physicians of UK. Currently he is a consultant at Jain PharmaBiotech.
Prof. Jain’s 455 publications include 25 books (5 as editor + 20 as author) and 50 special reports, which have covered important areas in biotechnology, gene therapy and biopharmaceuticals. His important recent books include "Handbook of Nanomedicine" (Springer 2008; Chinese edition, Peking University Press 2011, 2nd ed Springer 2012) and Textbook of Peronalized Medicine, 1st ed 2009; Japanese edition 2012, 2nd ed Springer, 2015.

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Advanced Medical Applications of Nanotechnology

Friday, 11 September 2015 at 11:35

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This presentation will deal with advances in nanomedicine with emphasis on improvement in drug delivery and applications in cancer and neurological disorders. It will also explain how biotechnology with facilitate the development of personalized medicine.

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