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Mark Smales's Biography

Mark Smales, Professor, University of Kent

Mark is Professor of Mammalian Cell Biotechnology in the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent and Director of the Centre for Molecular Processing. The group headed by Mark focuses their research on advancing our understanding of biotechnological products and processes at the fundamental biological or chemical level to enable their manipulation and control to improve industrially relevant biotechnology processes. 

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Novel Approaches to Cell Line Development

Wednesday, 27 June 2012 at 09:30

Add to Calendar ▼2012-06-27 09:30:002012-06-27 10:30:00Europe/LondonNovel Approaches to Cell Line

This presentation will discuss a high-through put screening approach developed to select for CHO cell lines at the multi well plate stage that will generate 2+ g/L of antibody at the bioreactor scale.

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