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Helena Danielson's Biography

Helena Danielson, Professor, Uppsala University

Helena Danielson is Professor of Biochemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden since 2002 and Chief Scientific Officer of Beactica AB. She is a specialist in enzymology and enzyme-based drug discovery. Her focus has been biomolecular interaction analysis for detailed studies of enzyme-inhibitor interactions and other important recognition processes in the life science area. The work has involved studies of a variety of enzymes, primarily proteases and polymerases from viruses and other infectious organisms, or involved in important disease processes. Helena Danielson has extensive experience of the commercial drug discovery process through 20 years of collaborative research with partners in pharmaceutical and biotechnological industry.

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Distinguishing Hits From False Positives and Other Challenges in Fragment Screening Using SPR Biosensor Technology

Tuesday, 19 March 2013 at 11:15

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The versatile experimental design and information rich output of SPR biosensors is particularly well suited for fragment based drug discovery. Case studies will illustrate how the technology can be applied in different steps of the drug discovery process.

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