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Christine Mummery's Biography

Christine Mummery, Professor and Chair of Developmental Biology, Leiden University Medical Centre

Christine Mummery is Chair of Anatomy and Embryology and Professor
of Developmental Biology at Leiden University Medical Center. Her research concerns
cardiovascular development and disease models based on human pluripotent stem cells. Immediate interests are on developing biophysical techniques for characterization and functional analysis of cardiovascular cells from hPSC. In 2015 she became guest professor at the Technical University of Twente to develop organ-on-chip models.
Dr. Mummery is a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science, on the board of the Netherlands Medical Research Council and holds a European Research Council Advanced Grant to study cardiac development and disease in humans based on stem cell models. She wrote a lay-guide on stem cells “Stem Cell: Scientific Facts and Fiction” (Elsevier 2014) and is Editor-in-Chief of Stem Cell Reports, the journal of the International Society of Stem Cell Research. She is also on the editorial boards of Cell Stem Cell, Cardiovascular Research and Stem Cells.

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Human Pluripotent Stem Cells In Cardiovascular Drug Discovery And Safety Pharamacology: Towards Precision Medicine

Monday, 6 March 2017 at 09:30

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Human pluriptoent stem cells increasingly present interesting opportunities for disease modelling and drug discovery. I will focus on applications in cardiovascular conditions most particulalrly on ways to determine disease phenotypes and toxic responses to drugs.

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