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Hakan Jonsson's Biography

Hakan Jonsson, Group Leader, Royal Institute of Technology

Haakan Joensson is an Assistant Professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden located at SciLifeLab, Sweden. Dr. Joenssons research focuses on biotechnological applications of high throughput picoliter droplet microfluidics.

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Droplet Microfluidics for High Throughput Biological Analysis

Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 16:15

Add to Calendar ▼2012-05-31 16:15:002012-05-31 17:15:00Europe/LondonDroplet Microfluidics for High Throughput Biological Analysis

The Nanobiotechnology group is focusing on interdisciplinary research combining nanotechnology and microfluidics with various biotechnology and medical applications such as, for example, microwell plates and droplet microfluidics. 

Add to Calendar ▼2012-05-30 00:00:002012-05-31 00:00:00Europe/LondonNano and