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Sang Hoon Lee's Biography

Sang Hoon Lee, Professor, Korea University

Professor Lee is head of the Intelligent BioMEMS Laboratory at Korea University and Professor of Biomedical Engineering. Professor Lee's work is focused on Lab-on-a-Chip & BioMEMS. Areas of focus are Chip-based Fabrication, NanoFabrication, and Tissue Engineering.

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Bottom-up Engineering of Bio-artificial 3D-Tissues on Microfluidic Chip for Organ Regeneration

Monday, 9 February 2015 at 16:30

Add to Calendar ▼2015-02-09 16:30:002015-02-09 17:30:00Europe/LondonBottom-up Engineering of Bio-artificial 3D-Tissues on Microfluidic Chip for Organ

In this presentation, we present bottom-up assembly of 3D micro tissues and their application to liver, pancreas, and brain: 1) we have fabricated rat hepatocyte spheroid and hetero-spheroid including hepatocyte and hepatic stellate cell, even with vascular structure, and proved its application of ready-to-use xenogenic bioartificial liver by encapsulating with hydrogel. Human hepatocyte spheroid co-cultured with human adipose stem cells were engineered to enhance the spheroid aggregation and hepatocyte function, 2) we have engineered islet spheroid and performed in situ encapsulation for glucose control of mouse, and 3) we have also created neuronal spheroid networked each other for brain study including amyloid-beta effect on 3D neurons. We expect that these well-defined 3D tissues will be used as in vivo mimicking drug screening and disease model. If the proposed technology is combined to the 3D assembling technology such as bioprinting, more functionalized tissues could be constructed and, we expect that they could be used broadly for the regeneration of damaged organ.

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