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Jon Cooper's Biography

Jon Cooper, Professor, University of Glasgow

Jonathan Cooper has pioneered technologies in biosensors (1980s), protein and DNA microarrays (1990s) and Lab-on-a-Chip and Bionanotechnology (2000s). He has published ca. 200 research papers, is the founder of Mode Diagnostics (producing home diagnostics for bowel cancer), and of ClydeBiosciences (developing toxicity tests). In his recent research, he has focused upon using phononics in the field of medical diagnostics. In one example, using phononics, he has created frequency dependent acoustic lenses and mirrors with phononic crystals to enable generic platforms for low cost diagnostics. Jon was elected as a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering in 2004. He was appointed to the Wolfson Chair in Biomedical Engineering in 2009 and was awarded a Royal Society Merit Award in 2010.

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Developing Diagnostics for the Developing World

Thursday, 10 May 2012 at 11:15

Add to Calendar ▼2012-05-10 11:15:002012-05-10 12:15:00Europe/LondonDeveloping Diagnostics for the Developing

We demonstrate the use of electro- and acoustic technologies for the development of diagnostic methods for infectious diseases, including sleeping sickness and TB.

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