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David Ruff's Biography

David Ruff, Visiting Senior Research Fellow/ Principal Scientist , Oxford University/Fluidigm Corporation

David Ruff is a molecular biologist and Principal Scientist at Fluidigm Corporation in South San Francisco. He is tasked to work collaboratively with the global scientific community to innovate and advance biomolecular detection and quantification tools that accelerate systems biology approaches using single-cell samples and workflows. This portfolio of emerging methods will further facilitate elucidation of the molecular basis for cell pathway architectures in cancer, immune responses, neurological disorders, stem cells, and early development. Before joining Fluidigm in early 2013, David spent 17 years innovating qPCR and next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies at Applied Biosystems/Life Technologies. He has been a lead investigator in the development of qPCR assays and chemistry, multiplex preamplification, protein quantification, NGS library preparation and sample-to-answer workflows, single-cell analysis, and nucleic acid sample-preparation processes. Prior to Applied Biosystems, David served as a research scientist at several early-stage biotechnology companies in California, including five years at Amgen. He received his undergraduate instruction in biochemistry at the University of California, Riverside, and graduate training in molecular biology at the California Institute of Technology. David has coauthored numerous peer-reviewed journal articles, technical book chapters, and issued and published patent applications in the biomolecular detection and quantification fields.

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Systems Biology Using Single Cells

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 at 16:30

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Systems biology endeavors to unravel biological complexity using multidimensional approaches. Cells use DNA, RNA, and proteins to power biological networks. Recent advances in single-cell analytical technology using the Fluidigm® C1TM Single-Cell Auto Prep System are providing profound insights into the dynamic elements used in biological response-signaling pathways.

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