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Rosario Isasi's Biography

Rosario Isasi, Research Associate, McGill University

Rosario Isasi is currently a Research Associate at the Centre of Genomics and Policy, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Human Genetics at McGill University. Her research interests intersect public health, ethics, law and science. Mrs. Isasi has built an international reputation as a scholar with particular expertise in the area of comparative law and ethics regarding regenerative medicine and stem cell research. She has co-authored numerous academic articles and reports on the socio-ethical and legal issues raised by reproductive, genetic and genomic technologies in leading legal and scientific journals. She has also been invited to lecture at major universities across the five continents, most notably in North and South America as well as in Europe. Closely related to her academic work is her role as a policy adviser to government, professional and international bodies, such as the United Nations, where she played an active role in the adoption of the UN Declaration on Human Cloning. Most recently, she has contributed to the Bioethics Education Project of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Rosario Isasi is the Academic Secretary of the International Stem Cell Forum Ethics Working Party and leads the Governance Working Group of the International Stem Cell Baking Initiative. She is a member of the Hinxton Group, an international Consortium on Stem Cells, Ethics and Law. She is also a member of the Legal and Human Rights Advisory Board of the Genetics Policy Institute; and member of the advisory board of Global Lawyers and Physicians, a transnational professional association of lawyers and physicians working together to promote human rights and health. She holds her J.D. from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where she practiced corporate and health law. She received her Masters of Public Health from Boston University, USA.

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The Role of Biorepositories in the Advancement of Cellular Therapy Research

Wednesday, 23 January 2013 at 11:15

Add to Calendar ▼2013-01-23 11:15:002013-01-23 12:15:00Europe/LondonThe Role of Biorepositories in the Advancement of Cellular Therapy

This presentation will provide an overview of how biorepositories are contributing to the advancement of cellular therapy and research, with particular focus on efforts directed at the harmonization of ethical, governance and regulatory requirements. Finally, best practices for cell biorepositories as developed by the International Stem Cell Banking Initiative (ISCBI) will be highlighted.

Add to Calendar ▼2013-01-22 00:00:002013-01-23 00:00:00Europe/LondonCancer and Stem