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Tania Konry's Biography

Tania Konry, Assistant Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University

Dr.Konry’s laboratory at Northeastern University is focused on developing novel Bio-MEMS approaches to advance point of care diagnostics, cell culture and drug screening and delivery methods. She has developed Lab-on-a-Chip (LOC) devices that integrate several laboratory functions such as real time monitoring of target clinically relevant analyte, proteomics, genomics, cell-cell interactions as well as cell secretion and surface monitoring of single cells on a micro-chip. Her single cell project was awarded with NIH and NSF grants. Dr.Konry was nominated as Phase 1 Finalist of Follow That Cell Challenge/NIH and spotlighted in GEN magazine on her work in single-cell work. She also was recognized with Schumacher Faculty Award, presented to one faculty member early in their Northeastern career for significant academic achievement at Northeastern University and received a competitive BD Biosciences immunology research award for analyzing immune-tumor cell interactions in dynamics with single cell resolution.

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Live Single Cell Functional Phenotyping in Droplet Micro-Reactors

Tuesday, 24 March 2015 at 17:00

Add to Calendar ▼2015-03-24 17:00:002015-03-24 18:00:00Europe/LondonLive Single Cell Functional Phenotyping in Droplet

Cellular functional phenotype and cell-cell communication studies could make substantial progress in understanding mechanisms of immune regulation in hematologic tumors and lead to a variety of possibilities for targeted therapeutic approaches. While flow cytometry has traditionally been used to determine single fixed cell phenotypes, it cannot provide continuous measurements of proteins and secretions in the same individual live cells over time or measure the cellular phenotype during live cell-cell interaction. It is therefore different co-culture methods and immuno-assays are performed on groups of cells to study cell-cell interactions and secretions, under the assumption that all cells of a particular “type” are identical. However, recent evidence from studies of single cells reveals that this assumption is incorrect. Thus new approaches to single cell analyses and live cell-cell interaction on a single cell level are needed to uncover fundamental biological principles and ultimately improve the detection and treatment of disease. Here we propose a new droplet-based microfluidic technology to acquire live functional phenotyping of single cells of human immune system to monitor and regulate their interactions with tumor cells in hematologic cancer-relevant system. In particular, the technology proposed in this application will allow: 1) conducting dynamic and simultaneous multi-parameter analysis of both cell surface and secretions, 2) controlled delivery of regulatory agents and therapeutics to study their effect on functional phenotype of the cell 3) monitoring of cell-cell interactions on a single cell based level as well as 4) fluorescence-activated droplet sorting (FADS) system for specific cell phynotype isolation. To validate our approach live cell vaccines such as tumor specific T cells will be analyzed for their functional phenotype and interaction with tumor cells as well as sorted after for further in vivo studies. In addition, this single-cell technol

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