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Nicole Pamme's Biography

Nicole Pamme, Professor in Analytical Chemistry, The University of Hull

Prof. Nicole Pamme holds a chair in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Hull (UK) and is part of the Lab-on-a-Chip research group which brings together staff from Chemistry, Engineering and Biomedical Sciences on research projects into microfluidic system and process integration, as well as biomedical and clinical diagnostics applications. She has > 15 of experience in the design and fabrication of microfluidic devices and their application in analysis and chemical synthesis and has authored >60 peer reviewed publications, patents and book chapters. Prof. Pamme has served on the programme committee of the microTAS conference (2008-1013) and is the chair of the 2016 meeting in Dublin. Teaching activities within the Department include lectures on micro- and nanofluidics as well as microanalytical and forensic chemistry. In addition to publishing in the area of miniaturisation, Nicole Pamme has also co-authored a textbook on bioanalytical chemistry.
Nicole Pamme obtained a Diploma in Chemistry from the University of Marburg (Germany), in 1999. For her PhD she went to Imperial College London (UK) where she joined the group of Prof. Andreas Manz. It was here that she first started working with microfluidic devices, more specifically, on single particle analysis inside microfluidic channels. In 2004, she moved to Tsukuba (Japan) as an independent research fellow in the International Centre for Young Scientists (ICYS) based at the Japanese National Institute for Materials Science. She was appointed as a lecturer in Hull in December 2005.

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Manipulating Magnetic Cells and Particles On-chip

Tuesday, 5 March 2013 at 11:15

Add to Calendar ▼2013-03-05 11:15:002013-03-05 12:15:00Europe/LondonManipulating Magnetic Cells and Particles On-chipLab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Barcelona, SpainBarcelona,

Microfluidics based approaches are presented for manoeuvring magnetically doped particles or magnetically labelled cells through fluidic interfaces by means of externally applied forces.

Add to Calendar ▼2013-03-05 00:00:002013-03-06 00:00:00Europe/LondonLab-on-a-Chip European CongressLab-on-a-Chip European Congress in Barcelona, SpainBarcelona,