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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in Microarray Technology

Bertrand Jordan's Biography

Bertrand Jordan, Emeritus Research Director, National Centre for Scientific Research

Bertrand R Jordan (CNRS emeritus research director), an academic molecular biologist with particular achievements in the field of molecular immunology, is the founder and coordinator of the Marseille-Nice Genopole genomics consortium and counselor to the CoreBio-PACA technical platform organisation. An early contributor to DNA array development since 1995, he is also a consultant for French (Ipsogen), Dutch (PamGene) and Taiwanese (Phalanx, Dr. Chip) microarray companies, that operate in fields ranging from prognostic and predictive expression profiling in breast cancer, to “companion diagnostics” based on multiplex kinase activity measurement, and to efficient bacterial diagnostics in the food industry. He recently coordinated a book, “Microarrays in diagnostics and biomarker development” (Springer, 2012).

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Current Landscape of Microarrays in Actual Clinical Practice

Tuesday, 11 March 2014 at 11:15

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DNA microarrays continue to penetrate clinical diagnostics in spite of competition from NGS, as they are often more suitable for the hospital environment. In addition, assessment of proteins, antigens and enzymatic activities is increasingly performed using specialised microarrays, ensuring their continuing presence in clinical diagnostics.

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