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SELECTBIO Conferences Next-Gen Sequencing Automation

Slaven Garaj's Biography

Slaven Garaj, Research Associate, Harvard University

Dr. Slaven Garaj is Fellow of the Department of Physics, Harvard University, where he works in the field of nanopores and single-molecule biosensors. With the main goal of developing a next-generation, inexpensive DNA sequencing scheme, he recently developed a new class of nanopores based on atomically thin graphene, which attracted a wider media attention. He has authored more than 30 original and review scientific articles; and invented 7 patents/patents pending in the field of next-gen DNA sequencing, most of which are under the licensing agreement. Prior to joining Harvard, Dr. Garaj earned his PhD in condensed matter physics at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (ETH Lausanne), where he investigated electronic properties of carbon-based materials. Besides novel methods in DNA sequencing, his research interests include single molecule biophysics, nano-fluidics, and nano-electronics.

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Nanopore-based DNA Sequencing

Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 14:45

Add to Calendar ▼2012-05-31 14:45:002012-05-31 15:45:00Europe/LondonNanopore-based DNA

The nanopore-based sequencing scheme comprises a 4th-generation DNA sequencing methods promising significant cost reduction, increase in read length, versatility and accuracy. We will give a general overview of the methods and the current state of the technology, with a special focus on solid-state and graphene nanopores.

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