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Conor Douglas's Biography

Conor Douglas, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Vrije University of Amsterdam Medical Centre

Conor has a PhD in the sociology of science and technology from the University of York (UK), an MSc in science and technology studies from the University of Amsterdam, and a double BA in sociology and political science from the University of Victoria, in his home country of Canada. His interests are located broadly within the interactions and co-production between biomedical sciences and society (and ‘users’ in particular). He currently holds a post-doctoral appointment at the Vrije University of Amsterdam where he is taking lead research role on the CSG-funded project 'Wealth of data? : Blurring the boundaries and user-roles at the interface of genetics, medical and personal information' (see ), while also undertaking a post-doc at the Rathenau Instituute in The Hague on ‘Synthetic Biology for Human Health: Ethical and Legal Issues’ (or SYHBEL project ) with other European colleagues as a part of the EU’s FP7 Science and Society stream.

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Blurring Boundaries between Research and Care in Biobanking: Exploring Tensions in Governance

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 11:15

Add to Calendar ▼2012-05-30 11:15:002012-05-30 12:15:00Europe/LondonBlurring Boundaries between Research and Care in Biobanking: Exploring Tensions in

Biobanks are confronted with multiple, diverging and changing norms related to research versus medicine. These entail different models of donor recruitment, and the conflation of research infrastructures as public versus private goods. We review the implications of these tensions for achieving 'interoperable' biobank governance.

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