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SELECTBIO Conferences Lab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics: Companies, Technologies and Commercialization

David Wright's Biography

David Wright, CEO, Wi, Inc.

Mr. Wright founded Wi, Inc., an award winning medical device engineering and design company, in 2001. He has been issued over 75 U.S. patents and has several additional patent applications pending. David mentors and encourages his colleagues to push themselves in an effort to contribute meaningful technology to the world of healthcare.

David invented his first neuro-surgical device in 1978 while employed as a draftsperson in the automotive industry. With over 35 years of experience in product design and management working for companies including Medtronic, 3M Cardiovascular, Gelman Sciences, and Colorado Medtech, he has gained in-depth knowledge of diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices. Prior to his work in the medical industry, he spent 10 years in automation and consumer product design. David’s philosophy of product commercialization is based on development of processes and products on a parallel path.

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Using Blisters to Emulate Pipettes and other Ridiculous Notions

Tuesday, 3 October 2017 at 15:45

Add to Calendar ▼2017-10-03 15:45:002017-10-03 16:45:00Europe/LondonUsing Blisters to Emulate Pipettes and other Ridiculous

Wi will take a stroll down memory lane divulging how Wi learned to manage the introduction of reagents using blisters and other distill blister challenges.

Add to Calendar ▼2017-10-02 00:00:002017-10-04 00:00:00Europe/LondonLab-on-a-Chip and Microfluidics: Companies, Technologies and