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SELECTBIO Conferences Biobanking: Preparation, Storage & Analysis

Kate Enright's Biography

Kate Enright, Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific

Kate Enright has been working with Thermo Fisher Scientific for some years now and has witnessed first hand the growth of the Biobanking sector.
Kate is now leading Thermo Fisher’s Global Biobanking Team to ensure that as manufacturers of scientific equipment we are understanding the needs of our customers and are bringing the right products and services to the market.

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Miniaturization in Biobanking

Thursday, 31 May 2012 at 12:15

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As assay technologies advance, aliquot size required for analysis is decreasing. Typical proteomic MS biomarker assays require sample volumes of less than 50µl while biobanks typically store much larger volumes. Sample miniaturization presents opportunities to increase aliquot numbers (and allow for greater sample utilization without the need for additional freeze/thaw cycles) while presenting opportunities to maximize storage capacity and minimize the costs of long term cryostorage of biospecimens by reducing the overall size of biobank collections. This presentation will address comparisons between smaller and larger storage volumes, tube and sealing technologies, calculations for store sizes and total energy consumption and related topics.

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