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Thomas Brandstetter's Biography

Thomas Brandstetter, Group Leader, University of Freiburg

Thomas Brandstetter studied Biology at the University of Freiburg. He received his Ph.D. in 2000 working with Prof. Dr. Wagner at the Institute for Biology II and Prof. Dr. Wieland at the University hospital, Department for Clinical chemistry [oncology]. Subsequently, he moved on to a position as a postdoctoral associate working out microarray applications for clinical and diagnostic purposes in cooperation with the company “Genescan Europe AG”, a biochip company. After becoming a safety officer for medical devices he joined the group of Prof. Dr. Rühe at the Department of Microsystems Engineering (IMTEK), at the University of Freiburg in 2005, and is now leading the Biochip Group there.

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Usage of Polymers in Micro Array Spotting

Monday, 10 March 2014 at 14:45

Add to Calendar ▼2014-03-10 14:45:002014-03-10 15:45:00Europe/LondonUsage of Polymers in Micro Array SpottingAdvances in Microarray Technology in Berlin, GermanyBerlin,

One of the key problems in the development of biochips for a given analytical problem is the determination of suitable chip parameters such as probe affinities and optimized hybridization conditions like buffer concentrations and temperature. Major drawbacks are lack of robustness, loss of sensitivity and specificity compared to conventional methods, the consumable costs and costs for the development time preventing their use in routine application and diagnostics. We present a surface chemistry consisting of water soluble copolymers to overcome such problems.

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