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Niels Kruize's Biography

Niels Kruize, Sales Director, LGC Genomics

Niels Kruize holds a qualification in Biochemistry from the University of Hogeschool van Utrecht and has over 16 years’ experience working in genomics and drug discovery. He has worked as a product specialist for a range of technology innovators and prior to his current role with KBioscience/LGC Genomics he was Business Unit Manager for genomic equipment at MWG UK, a position he held for two years.
Since 2006 Niels has been an integral member of the team at KBioscience, Now LGC Genomics, helping to establish and develop a product and service portfolio which has position ed KBioscience as an integral and respected supplier of genomics research solutions to customers large and small across the world. Niels currently leads the commercial team for the recently combined LGC Genomics and KBioscience businesses where he directs the sales, marketing and business development efforts for the product and service portfolio for the combined LGC Genomics/KBioscience business.
The LGC Genomics/KBioscience merger in July 2011, has created a unique provider into the genomics research market providing a full range of high quality genomics products, services and solutions including, sample preparation (primarily, nucleic acid extraction), nucleic acid sequencing, genotyping and biobanking. LGC Genomics has laboratories in the UK, Germany and North America along with sales and support staff in over 15 locations in Europe, America and the Far East.
Niels is based in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

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Optimising Efficiency in a High-throughput Service Lab – Automation Solutions

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 at 12:15

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Running a high-throughput genotyping and nucleic acid preparation service laboratory provides our instrumentation development team with a unique insight to the challenges faced by our customers in their own operations. The development of the LGC Genomics/KBioscience range of laboratory instrumentation has always been driven by innovations required to improve efficiency in our own laboratories and the presentation at this year’s ELA focuses on some of the key developments we have initiated in the areas of high-throughput MTP replication, DNA extraction, assay dispensing and liquid handling and high throughput water bath thermal cycling for PCR. The presentation includes videos, animations and graphical representations of our laboratory automation solutions, their development and overviews of the workflow solutions we have developed to optimise throughput in singleplex genotyping projects and the flexibility offered through this approach to data set generation.

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