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Gabor Forgacs's Biography

Gabor Forgacs, Professor, University of Missouri-Columbia; Scientific Founder, Organovo; CSO, Modern Meadow

Dr. Gabor Forgacs is a theoretical physicist turned bioengineer turned innovator and entrepreneur. He is the George H. Vineyard Professor of Biological Physics at the University of Missouri-Columbia, the Executive and Scientific Director of the Shipley Center for Innovation at Clarkson University and scientific founder of Organovo, Inc. and Modern Meadow, Inc. He was trained as a theoretical physicist at the Roland Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary and the Landau Institute of Theoretical Physics, Moscow, USSR. He also has a degree in biology. His research interests span from topics in theoretical physics to physical mechanisms in early embryonic development. He is the co-author of the celebrated text in the field, “Biological Physics of the Developing Embryo” (Cambridge University Press, 2005) that discusses the fundamental morphogenetic mechanisms evident in early development. These mechanisms are being applied to building living structures of prescribed shape and functionality using bioprinting, a novel tissue engineering technology he pioneered. He is the author of over 160 peer-reviewed scientific articles and 5 books. He has been recognized by numerous awards and citations. In particular, he was named as one of the “100 most innovative people in business in 2010” by FastCompany.

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Bioprinting: Challenges to Commercialization of Academic Research -- The Story of Organovo

Thursday, 17 March 2016 at 09:00

Add to Calendar ▼2016-03-17 09:00:002016-03-17 10:00:00Europe/LondonBioprinting: Challenges to Commercialization of Academic Research -- The Story of

This talk will present the story behind the first commercial bioprinting company, Organovo. Each attempt to commercialize academic research has its own challenges. In the case of bioprinting, a paradigm shifting innovation at the time, the pitfalls and hurdles were above the average. The talk will briefly overview the science underlying Organovo’s technology, the process to the establishment of the company, its evolving business model, the beginning of the commercial operation and the path to the Initial Public Offering (IPO). We will also briefly overview the present status of the commercial bioprinting space. It is hoped that the lessons from this story will provide useful input to others in the field.

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