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Timothy Bushnell's Biography

Timothy Bushnell, Director, Core Operations, University of Rochester Medical Center

After completing Ph.D., Dr. Bushnell pursued his post-doctoral research with Dr. Fay Young at the University of Rochester, focusing on murine models of early B-cell development in1998. He discovered flow cytometry, immediately realizing the potential for this technology to impact many disciplines. In 2003, Tim became Director of the Center for Pediatric Biomedical Research’s Flow Cytometry facility, under the supervision of Dr. Craig T. Jordan. Five years later in 2008, became director of the URMC flow core which put him in direct contact with researchers and clinicians, across a broad spectrum of disciplines from immunology and cancer biology to stem cell biology and erythroid development. Dr. Bushnell’s main research focus is the development and application of high-end flow cytometric assays to support the research programs of members of the URMC community.

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Cytometry-Photojournalism of Biology

Tuesday, 22 January 2013 at 14:15

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Imaging flow cytometry combines the statistical power and speed of flow cytometry with the visual resolution of microscopy.  This presentation will focus on the power of this technology in new applications to further biological research. 

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