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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabomeeting 2014

Fabien Jourdan's Biography

Fabien Jourdan, Research Scientist, INRA-MetaboHub

Fabien Jourdan is a research scientist at INRA (the French National Research Institute for Agricultural Research). He is developing bioinformatics methods to study genome-scale metabolic networks. These approaches are mainly based on graph models. The aim is, based on experimental data like metabolomics ones, to retrieve parts of the organism metabolism affected by genetic or environmental perturbations. Fabien Jourdan is leading the development of MetExplore web server ( which is gathering most of these algorithms and allows visualization of metabolic networks. MetExplore is development is supported by the French National infrastructure for metabolomics and fluxomics, MetaboHub.

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MetExplore 2.0: Handling Genome Scale Metabolic Networks Online

Thursday, 11 September 2014 at 11:45

Add to Calendar ▼2014-09-11 11:45:002014-09-11 12:45:00Europe/LondonMetExplore 2.0: Handling Genome Scale Metabolic Networks Online Metabomeeting 2014 in London, UKLondon,

MetExplore 2.0 is a fully online interface (from data import to network visualization) allowing analysis of metabolomics data in the context of metabolic networks.

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