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Subhashini Srinivasan's Biography

Subhashini Srinivasan, DBT Fellow & Faculty Scientist, Institute of Bioinformatics & Applied Biotechnology

Dr. Subha Srinivasan has a PhD from the Centre of Advanced Study in Biophysics, University of Madras. Before joining IBAB she was founder and CEO of Jivan Biologics, a company that specializes in microarray services for alternative splicing. Prior to this Subha headed the bioinformatics unit at Berlex Biosciences, a fully-owned subsidiary of Schering AG. She also has 10 years of experience at Immunex, a Seattle-based biotechnology company where she was hired to head the molecular modeling group, later assuming the responsibility of setting up a bioinformatics core facility. Her research areas include protein structure prediction, homology
modeling, gene discovery, alternative splicing, microarrays, bioinformatics, genomics, next generation sequencing and data-driven biology.

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Towards Harnessing the ‘Crop of The Future’: An Insight into Grain Amaranth Genome

Friday, 21 August 2015 at 12:30

Add to Calendar ▼2015-08-21 12:30:002015-08-21 13:30:00Europe/LondonTowards Harnessing the ‘Crop of The Future’: An Insight into Grain Amaranth GenomeAgriGenomics India in

This Presentation will highlight the effect of Genetic Engineering on Lysine Production and Phenotype yield of different crops including maize, rice, wheat etc. It will specifically focus on amaranths- a pseudo cereal and will discuss the genetic basis behind many of the desirable traits by grain Amaranths including the high-lysine, high-yield phenotypes.

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