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Aijun Wang's Biography

Aijun Wang, Associate Professor, Director of Translational Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, University of California-Davis

Dr. Aijun Wang joined UC Davis in 2012, after he completed his postdoctoral training at UC Berkeley Bioengineering and Berkeley Stem Cell Center. Currently, he is an associate professor of surgery and of biomedical engineering at UC Davis. Dr. Wang is the Director of Translational Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the Co-director of the Surgical Bioengineering Laboratory in the Department of Surgery, and the Dean’s Fellow in Entrepreneurship of the UC Davis School of Medicine. Dr. Wang’s research focuses on developing innovative tools, technologies, and therapeutics that combine molecular, cellular, tissue, and biomaterial engineering to promote tissue regeneration and restore function. Dr. Wang’s lab engineers and develops stem cells, extracellular vesicles, and matrices to treat surgical conditions and diseases.?To date, as PI or Co-PI, he has been awarded 24 intramural and extramural grants for a total of over 13 million dollars in total cost. Of these grants, Dr. Wang is currently serving as Co-PI with Dr. Diana Farmer on an ongoing $5.6 million CLIN1 grant, supported by CIRM (California Institute for Regenerative Medicine), to produce current GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) grade stem cells and carry out IND enabling studies for developing a novel regenerative treatment for spina bifida. Dr. Wang is also PI on several other active grants supported by the NIH/NICHD, NIH/NINDS, NIH/NHLBI, University of California Center for Accelerated Innovation (UC-CAI) and Shriners Hospital for Children. Dr. Wang has published over 110 peer-reviewed papers with more than 3800 citations (h-index 31, i10-index 55).

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Engineering Stem Cell-derived EVs For Local Delivery and Therapeutic Applications

Tuesday, 18 February 2020 at 09:30

Add to Calendar ▼2020-02-18 09:30:002020-02-18 10:30:00Europe/LondonEngineering Stem Cell-derived EVs For Local Delivery and Therapeutic ApplicationsEV-based Diagnostics, Delivery and Therapeutics in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) play a significant role in cell-to-cell communication. In our previous studies, we have confirmed that EVs secreted by placental mesenchymal stem cells (PMSC-EVs) exert significant neuroprotective functions similar in magnitude to live PMSCs. In this presentation, I will discuss what we have learned about PMSC-EVs and the potential mechanisms of action on how PMSC-EVs are protecting neurons. Recently, we have also developed various approaches to improve MSC-EV’s yield and efficacy, and designed biomaterials-based delivery vehicles to improve MSC-EVs stability, retention and targeted delivery. In summary, we are developing and engineering stem cell-derived EVs into a cell-free, off-the-shelf, and easy-to-use therapeutic modality for various disease treatment and regenerative medicine applications.

Add to Calendar ▼2020-02-17 00:00:002020-02-18 00:00:00Europe/LondonEV-based Diagnostics, Delivery and TherapeuticsEV-based Diagnostics, Delivery and Therapeutics in Coronado Island, CaliforniaCoronado Island,