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Djamel Lakehal's Biography

Djamel Lakehal, CEO, ASCOMP

Djamel Lakehal is the CEO of ASCOMP (Zurich Switzerland & Cambridge USA), and acts as a senior research scientist at the MIT (Mech. Eng. Dept.), where he co-leads the computational multiphase flow group. He obtained his M.S. and PhD in Fluid Mechanics from Ecole Centrale of Nantes, France in 1991 and 1994. He collaborated with Prof. W. Rodi at the University of Karlsruhe as a post-doctoral researcher in 1995-1997, and at the Technical University of Berlin in 1997-1998; in both places he worked on turbulence modeling essentially. In 1998, he joined the Institute of Energy Technology of the ETH Zurich as a Senior Lecturer, where he initiated the creation of the Computational Multiphase Flow Group. In 2003, He founded ASCOMP; a Spin-off Company specialized in multiphase flow heat transfer, and develops its own software called TransAT. Dr Lakehal authored about 60 archived journal papers in the broad area of computational fluid mechanics and heat transfer. His group is heavily involved in international research in various energy sectors, including environmental engineering, process and chemical engineering, and microfluidics. He acts as a reviewer for various research bodies, i.e.the DOE (USA) and the European FP7 Programme (DG Energy).

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Progress in Computational Microfluidics Using TransAT

Friday, 7 June 2013 at 16:15

Add to Calendar ▼2013-06-07 16:15:002013-06-07 17:15:00Europe/LondonProgress in Computational Microfluidics Using TransAT

The paper reports on the progress made in predicting small-scale single- and multi-phase, microfluidics flows using the Computational Multi-Fluid Flow (CMFD) code TransAT. In the multiphase context, the code uses either the level-set approach or the phase-field variant as “Interface Tracking Methods”. The solver incorporates phase-change capabilities, triple-line dynamics models, Marangoni effects, electro-wetting and a micro-film sub-grid scale model for lubrication.

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