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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabomeeting 2014

Howbeer Muhamadali's Biography

Howbeer Muhamadali, Research Associate, University of Manchester

Howbeer Muhamadali received a first class honour in Microbiology at the Manchester Metropolitan University in 2010. In 2011, he successfully completed an MPhil in geomicrobiology at the University of Manchester under the supervision of Prof. Jon Lloyd, working on the optimisation and scale-up of a batch culture magnetite nanoparticle production bioprocess. He is currently on his third year of PhD (Biotechnology/Metabolomics), in Prof. Roy Goodacre's group at the University of Manchester. His project involves the metabolomics investigations of different microbial bioprocesses, such as E. coli, Streptomyces and Geobacter species, using different analytical techniques such as FT-IR, GC-MS, DIMS and multivariate statistical analysis approaches.

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Metabolic Profiling of Geobacter Sulfurreducens During a Scale-up Process

Thursday, 11 September 2014 at 14:45

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The process of bio-magnetite nanoparticle production using G. sulfurreducens and its wide-range of applications have seen increasing interest during the past decade. Here, we scale-up this batch culture bioprocess from 100 mL serum bottles to 5 L bioreactor, and employ metabolic fingerprinting (FT-IR) and profiling techniques (GC-MS) to determine the metabolic response of cells to the scale-up process.

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