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Drug Discovery India 2014

Drug Discovery India 2014

After the highly successful and informative conference Drug Discovery India 2013, this will be the 2nd Annual International Conference and Exhibition focusing on Open Source Drug Discovery (OSDD), Medicinal Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry, Chemical Biology, Molecular Modeling, Novel Approaches, Techniques and Technologies for Drug Design and Discovery. Use of Interdisciplinary Approaches for optimizing the discovery and development of new molecular entities, collaborative research amongst interdisciplinary academic/research centers, government agencies and pharmaceutical industry will also be on agenda. The event will run as two parallel tracks on two days. For details of the sessions and topics, please see the agenda.

With Dr Rathnam Chuguturu, Founder & CEO, iDDPartners, USA, as Conference Chair, planned open panel discussions and break-out sessions on key thematic areas are sure to energize the participants in defining the drug discovery landscape, especially in the Indian context, and offer ways and means to de-risk the patent cliff experienced by the pharmaceutical industry in recent years.

The conference will be co-located with Drug Metabolism & Discovery ADMET and Indian Lab Automation meetings. Registered delegates will have unrestricted access to all co-located meetings ensuring a comprehensive learning and sharing experience as well as being financially beneficial for attendees. Further, the oral & poster presentations at the conference will be published as full papers in the form of conference proceedings as special online issue of Current Research in Drug Discovery (ISSN 2333-3243). For details, please click on Publication Details..

Running alongside the Drug Discovery India 2014 conference will be an Exhibition covering the latest technological advances and associated services within these fields. We look forward to welcoming you at the Drug Discovery India 2014 Conference and Exhibition and hope that the two days will be both informative and enjoyable.


Conference Chair

Dr. Rathnam Chaguturu

Dr. Rathnam Chuguturu
Founder & CEO, iDDPartners 


International Advisory Board Members

Dr Rathnam Chuguturu, Founder & CEO, iDDPartners USA
Dr Hakim Djaballah, Director, HTS Core Facility, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA
Dr Harish Pant, Senior Investigator, National Institute of Health, USA
Dr Bhushan Patwardhan, Professor, ISHS, University of Pune, India

Keynote Speakers

Asit Chakraborti

Asit Chakraborti
Professor and Head, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research

Jyoti Chattopadhyaya

Jyoti Chattopadhyaya
Professor, Uppsala University

Kattesh Katti

Kattesh Katti
Director, University of Missouri

G Narahari Sastry

G Narahari Sastry
Scientist and Head, Indian Institute of Chemical Technology

Anamik Shah

Anamik Shah
Professor/Principal Investigator, Saurashtra University

Ashok Vaidya

Ashok Vaidya
Research Director, Kasturba Health Society

Call for Posters

You can also present your research on a poster while attending the meeting. Submit an abstract for consideration now!

Poster Submission Deadline: 25 August 2014

Agenda Topics

  • Advanced Techniques for accelerated Drug Discovery
  • Chemical Biology Research for Drug Design and Discovery
  • Computation & Informatics based Drug Discovery
  • Natural Products and Phytochemical Screening
  • Open Source and Collaborative Drug Discovery Research
  • Synthesis and Screening of Medicinal Compounds

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Maninderjit Singh, Exhibition Manager

Confirmed Speakers to date

Mukund Chorghade, President & CSO, Chorghade Enterprises
Harish Pant, Senior Investigator, National Institute of Health
John Watson, Director, Promega Corporation
Ibis Sanchez-Serrano, President, The Core Model Corporation
Umesh Desai, Professor, Virginia Commonwealth University
Kal Ramnarayan, President and Chief Scientific Officer, Sapient Discovery LLC
Paul Wyatt, Professor/Director, University of Dundee
Yacine LAABI, Senior Group Leader, I-STEM, France
Sergei Makarov, President and CEO, Attagene Inc
Maria Costi, Professor, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia
Krishna Kota, Scientist, PerkinElmer
Bhushan Patwardhan, Professor, Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences
Anshu Bhardwaj, Scientist, CSIR- Open Drug Discovery Unit
Mariam Degani, Professor, Institute of Chemical Technology
Mayur Yergeri, Professor & Prinicipal, Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Pharmacy
Sanjay Batra, Principal Scientist, CSIR Central Drug Research Institute
Bhavneet Binder, Bioinformatics Engineer, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Petr Bartunek, Group Leader, Institute of Molecular Genetics
Akkattu Biju, Senior Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory
N Shankaraiah, Assistant Professor, National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research
Stefan Krauss, NCS Director, University of Oslo
Krishna Banaudha, Associate Professor, The George Washington University
Muthukumarasamy Karthikeyan, Principal Scientist, National Chemical Laboratory
Ajith Kamath, Head, Pfizer Inc
Prabhat Arya, Head, Dr. Reddy's Institute of Life Sciences
Amit Banerjee, Professor, Wayne State University
Subadra Dravida, Founder CEO, Tran-Scell Biologics Pvt. Ltd.
Arvind Chopra, Director and Chief Rheumatologist, Center for Rheumatic Diseases
Lal Hingorani, Director, Pharmanza Herbal Pvt Ltd
Vijay Masand, Assistant Professor, Vidya Bharti College
Giancarlo Basile, Editor In Chief, Current Research In Drug Discovery
Rajkumar Halder, Scientist E, Translational Health Science and Technology Institute
Raphael Rahmani, Research Fellow, Monash University
Manohar Furtado, Founder and President, Biology for Global Good Consulting LLC

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Papers presented in Drug Discovery India 2014 conference will be published in CRDD.
Papers presented in Drug Discovery India 2014 conference will be published in CRDD.
The Proceedings of Drug Discovery India 2014 conference will be published in a Special Issue of Current Research in Drug Discovery (CRDD) an online, free access, peer reviewed journal. To make the conference proceedings a timely publication, the authors are requested to submit the manuscripts prior to the start of the conference.

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