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SELECTBIO Conferences Next Gen Crops for Sustainable Agriculture

Next Gen Crops for Sustainable Agriculture

Date: Thursday, 19 July 2018 - Friday, 20 July 2018
Location: Chandigarh

Keynote Speakers

Kuldeep  Singh

Kuldeep Singh
Director, National Bureau of Plant Genetic Resources


SELECTBIO is delighted to Invite you all to attend its 4th Edition of International Conference on Plant Genetics and Genomics, "Next Gen Crops for Sustainable Agriculture" scheduled to be held on July 19-20, 2018 in Chandigarh, India

The conference will focus on Genetic & Omics Technologies for Crop Improvement & Immunity. It will highlight Advanced Techniques for Plant Profiling, Sequencing & Editing including Analytical techniques, Genomics assisted Breeding, High Throughput techniques, Gene mapping, High Performance Computing, GWAS, NGS, CRISPRs, TALENs & ZFNs and others. The meeting will also discuss about Agronomics aspects & Beneficial Plant-Microbe Interactions to gain insights into Soil Chemistry & Plant Physiology for Improved Agricultural Production.

Who Should Attend?

• Scientists & Researchers from Academics and Industry working in the field of Agriculture Biotechnology including Plant Genetics & Genomics, Crop Improvement, Disease Resistance, Stress Tolerance, Plant Functional Genomics, Transcriptomics, Metabolomics, Agronomics and Plant-microbe interactions.
• Researchers involved in employing Techniques and Methods in their Farming and Plant related Research including PCR, NGS, CRISPRs, TALENs, ZFNs, MS, GWAS, Gene Mapping, RNA Imaging, Sequence capture approach, High-performance computing, High throughtput techniques, Microarray technologies  etc.
• Agricultural Scientists working in the Specialized Areas like GM Crops including their Regulatory & Biosafety Issues.

Sponsorship Options: Companies willing to participate in this Event as Sponsors can contact Mr Maninderjit Singh, Exhibition Manager at +91 7696225050. Sponsorship options with Delegate Participation are also available.

International Advisory Board Member
  • Prof. Deepak Pental, INSA Senior Scientist and former Vice-Chancellor, University of Delhi South Campus
  • Prof. Emeritus Rajinder Ranu, Colorado State University , USA

Call for Papers

If you would like to be considered for an oral presentation at this meeting, Submit an abstract for review now!

Oral Presentation Submission Deadline: 30 April 2018

Call for Posters

You can also present your research on a poster while attending the meeting. Submit an abstract for consideration now!

Poster Submission Deadline: 31 May 2018

Agenda Topics

  • Agronomics and Crop Improvement Strategies
  • Dissecting Genetical Genomics of Plants/ QTL Profiling by:
    • Analytical Techniques
    • Genomics-assisted Breeding
    • High throughput Techniques including Microarray Technologies
  • Engineering Plant-microbe Interactions for Improved Agricultural Production
  • Plant Immunity in Biotic and/or Abiotic Stress
  • Plant Metabolomics - Engineering & Synthetic Biology Approaches
  • Plant Pan- Genomes & Pan- Transcriptomes Analysis using:
    • Gene Mapping
    • Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS)
    • High Performance Computing Techniques
    • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Precise Plant Editing employing CRISPRs, TALENs, ZFNs
  • Regulatory and Biosafety Issues in GM Crops

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Maninderjit Singh, Exhibition Manager

Confirmed Speakers to date

Sanjay K Katiyar, Senior Development Specialist-Technology Transfer, International Rice Research Institute, Philippines
Ajay Kumar Pandey, Scientist E, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute
Ananda Mustafiz, Assistant Professor, South Asian University
Alon Samach, Associate Professor, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Magan Singh, Principal Scientist, NDRI, Karnal
Anil Singh, Senior Scientist, ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology

Invited Speakers

David Baulcombe, Professor/Head-Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge
Arup Mukherjee, Senior Scientist, ICAR-CICR
T R Sharma, Executive Director, National Agri-Food Biotechnology Institute (NABI)

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