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SELECTBIO Conferences Single Cell Analysis Europe

Single Cell Analysis Europe Keynote Speakers

Anders Stahlberg
Senior Scientist, University of Gothenberg

Anders Ståhlberg, Ph.D. and his research group is working at the Cancer Center, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg in Sweden and is a co-founder of TATAA Biocenter, Gothenburg, Sweden. With a background in molecular biotechnology, stem cell biology and tumor biology, his primary research interest is to understand molecular mechanisms in tumor development and stem cell differentiation. Several tumor forms are studied, but focus is on human sarcomas characterized by the FET (FUS, EWSR1 and TAF15) fusion oncogenes. Characterization of tumor cells at the single-cell level is believed to improve current diagnostics and to advance our understanding of their origin and development. A. Ståhlberg has developed several strategies for gene expression profiling, especially at the single cell level.

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Attila Tarnok
Research Director, University of Leipzig

Attila Tarnok obtained his PhD (1988)from the University of Hamburg, Germany at the Institute for Biophysics and Radiation Biology, (Tutors: Prof. Dr. H.Jung, Prof.Dr. H.Baisch). He habilitated in 2000 on "Immunological tools for the analysis of cellular and serological alterations duringand after cardiosurgical interventions in children." and is since 2006 Professor for Immunology and Cytomics at the University of Leipzig, Germany.

Most of his work has focused on development for cytometry and cytomics for slide based and flow systems on micro analytical multiplex assays forhumoral and cellular immune diagnostic. Analysis of impact of surgical trauma on the immune system of patients with congenital cardiovascular diseases. Co-ordination and performance of national and international collaborations with institutions of clinical and basic research and biotechnology companies. He initiated the Leipziger Workshops in 1996 with focus on Cytometry and Cytomics and is since 2007 Editor-in-Chief for Cytometry Part A.

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