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Flow Chemistry Congress Workshop

Create Something Novel!: The Application of Flow Chemistry Towards Facilitating New Molecules And Processes Workshop

15 May 2013 in Boston, MA, USA, 13:00 - 13:45

Routine organic chemistry uses only a small portion of the available chemistry space, which prevents the ability to improve on existing processes or to discover novel chemistry or molecules. This is mainly to do with the lack of available technology that is able to access new parameters safely. At ThalesNano we have developed a new series of flow reactors that can gives you the ability to perform chemistry that you couldn't do before either by improving the safety of dangerous processes or by granting access to reaction conditions not possible before in a standard lab. Visit the workshop to find out more!

This workshop will be heavily chemistry related and focus on 3 main educational topics.

  • The creation of novel bicyclic heterocycles using high temperature flash synthesis with the Phoenix flow reactor.
  • Reducing purification and work up issues through gas reagents with the H-Cube Pro and Gas Module.
  • Opening up dangerous old chemistry by improving the safety of highly exothermic reactions using our new and upcoming low temperature flow reactor.

Who should attend?

  • Any chemist who is looking to see the true advantages of how flow chemistry can be applied.
  • Those chemists seeking to create original research or molecules.
  • Chemists who are looking to improve on existing processes.

Workshop Tutor

Heather Graehl
Director of Sales North America, ThalesNano

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