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SELECTBIO Conferences Metabomeeting 2014

Metabomeeting 2014 Workshop

Ion Chromatography Coupling to HR/AM Orbitrap Mass Spectrometry for Metabolomic Analysis in Oral Cancer Cells Workshop

11 Sep 2014 in London, UK, 13:00 - 13:45
Held in conjunction with the Expanding Reproducibility and Coverage for Biofilm Metabolomics Workshop.

Mass spectrometry based metabolomics approach has obtained increasing attention in oral cancer study. In this work, a highly analytically sensitive platform coupling capillary ion chromatography (CapIC) with Q Exactive mass spectrometer has been successfully developed for nontargeted metabolic profiling of head and neck cancer cells. The outstanding resolution of IC has led to the differentiation of many isobaric and isomeric polar metabolites, and it has shown a broad coverage to glycolysis and TCA intermediates. Interesting changes of TCA cycle metabolites in cancer stem cells versus non-stem cancer cells were observed.

Following the nontargeted discovery study, we utilized a higher flow IC system for higher throughput targeted analysis to validate our observation on TCA cycle metabolites. Isotopically labeled standard is the ideal external calibration reference to spike into the metabolomic sample for targeted quantitative analysis in LC/MS based experiment because of their similar ionization effect and chromatographic retention conditions. Six stable isotope labeled standards available for TCA cycle were used for the targeted quantitative analysis. The corresponding endogenous metabolites in a large scale of samples were quantified against the stable isotope label standard curve facilitated by the Thermo Scientific™ Tracefinder software. This work demonstrates the possibility of using HR/AM MS for quantitative analysis, and the benefit of using the data for nontargeted differential analysis.

Please note that only registered delegates for the MetaboMeeting are able to attend the workshop for free.

Workshop Tutor

Junhua Wang
Strategic Marketing Specialist, Metabolomics, Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc

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