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SELECTBIO Conferences MetaboMeeting 2015

MetaboMeeting 2015 Workshop

Metabolomics - from Data to Knowledge Workshop

07 Dec 2015 in Cambridge, UK, 12:45

To address the typical challenges in Metabolomics research, sensitive and robust analytical instrumentation and software need to be seamlessly integrated providing high quality data for biological interpretation. This Lunch Seminar will present latest examples for targeted and non-targeted Metabolomics using Bruker’s unique NMR and MS solutions and placing the results into the biological context - moving from structure to function.
From data to knowledge with QTOF mass spectrometry based metabolomics solutionsModern LC-QTOF-MS/MS instruments enable “one shot acquisitions”, providing qualitative and quantitative results for large sequences of complex metabolomics samples. Examples will be presented highlighting combined non-targeted and pathway driven targeted metabolomics making use of the same high resolution LC-MS data sets. Together with a novel human metabolome MS/MS library this leads the way to seamlessly detect and identify potential biomarkers.Magdalene Kutyniok - Bruker Daltonik GmbH, Bremen, Germany
Application Scientist
NMR solutions for MetabolomicsNMR is an advantageous technique for metabolomic research, providing high reproducibility, simple sample preparation and the ability to identify and quantify different small molecule metabolites simultaneously. New advances in software and hardware platforms have made NMR more effective, easier to use and more cost efficient, opening new fields of study. Discover for yourself how NMR can help illuminate metabolic networks.Andrea Steck– Bruker Biospin GmbH, 

Workshop Tutor

Magdalene Kutyniok
Application Scientist LC/MS, Bruker

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