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SELECTBIO Conferences MetaboMeeting 2015

MetaboMeeting 2015 Workshop

Removing the Data Processing Bottleneck: Move Efficiently from Data to Structure to Pathway with NEW Thermo Scientific™ Compound Discoverer™ 2.0 and mzCloud Workshop

09 Dec 2015 in Cambridge, UK, 13.15

Whether it’s biomarker discovery, metabolic pathway study, disease state monitoring, or a myriad other metabolomics research applications, the need to reduce large datasets to usable biological knowledge is critical. Dr. Ralf Tautenhahn will demonstrate the power of customizable workflow software to simplify the data processing bottleneck and accelerate the process from data to knowledge.  A key aspect of this process is the ability to identify unknown components uncovered through untargeted metabolomics approaches to allow us to begin to link our observations to metabolic pathways.  Tim Stratton will discuss the development and application of a highly curated high resolution accurate mass MSn library, mzCloud™, for identification and structure elucidation.
Presented by
Dr. Ralf Tautenhahn, Product Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific 
Dr Tim Stratton, Strategic Marketing Specialist, Thermo Fisher, Scientific

Workshop Tutor

Ralf Tautenhahn
Platform Manager Metabolomics Software, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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