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SELECTBIO Conferences Drug Discovery Automation - Chemistry Automation & Compound Management

Drug Discovery Automation - Chemistry Automation & Compound Management Workshop

Automatic High Content Screening for Life Sciences Workshop

30 May 2012 in Hamburg, Germany, 12:45 - 13:30

Content Screening is a growing discipline in Life Science Research. Leica Microsystems has therefore launched the Leica HCS A High Content Screening Automation package for the whole range of imaging systems including confocal research microscopes, camera based systems or a combination of both. Combining the strengths of high-performance acquisition systems tailored to your needs with the new ingenious LAS AF MATRIX M3 software platform delivers a highly flexible tool. All configurations are optimized for automated imaging in multi dimensions at high speed and offer unique interfaces to allow parallel image processing and interaction even during acquisition. The Leica HCS A enables researchers to customize Leica imaging systems according to current requirements and future challenging life science experiments while retaining full flexibility to adapt to new challenges. An unique advantage is the open construction of the System and the usage of a freely accessible image format (OME-TIFF). This allows to interlink the acquisition system with an analysis system of your choice.New sample carries as e.g. the slides manufactured by Picovitro or CYTOOare perfectly match the power of HCS A systems. An ideal tool in e.g. drug discovery or cell heterogeneity studies.In total the High Content Screening solution by Leica Microsystems offers you outstanding flexibility which enables you to tailor a solution perfectly fitting your needs, also due to having strong partners like Definiens, Picovitro and CYTOO.

Workshop Tutor

Boris Zarda
Field Support Manager Europe, Leica Microsystems GmbH

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