Microfluidics and Direct Laser Write Technology: How to Make the Right Choice?

Wednesday, 29 November 2023 at 15:30

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Direct laser write technology is really appreciated when considering the fabrication of microchips, and particularly in microfluidics, since it first offers the flexibility of fast prototyping, meaning fabricating at minimum time and development costs, by preventing, in particular, from the need to fabricate some several photomasks before achieving the goals in terms of performance and functionality. Direct laser write technology also enables producing microchips in small and medium series with a very satisfying yield, thanks to the high repeatability of laser processing technology. However, all direct laser writers are not all as suitable as some others to particularly address microfluidics challenges and making the choice of the right equipment/supplier remains very important to ensure that the performance of the equipment is fully compatible with  the expected performance/rendering, in particular in terms of edge roughness and verticality, resolution, depth of focus, writing strategy and maximum versatility. This presentation will highlight the most important specifications/parameters that must be considered and thus how to ensure making the right choice of equipment.

Nicolas Brillouet, CTO, KloƩ

Nicolas Brillouet

Nicolas Brillouet is from Occitania, France. He graduated from Montpellier University in 2000, before completing a first one-year industrial experience in L.I.L.T Canada, a North-American private company working in photonics industry. Then, he finally went back to France to work alongside Paul Coudray during his creation of KLOE company, in 2001. From there, first working as an engineer and then as a project manager, Nicolas finally became the CTO of Kloe company, before managing more recently all the Production activity of Kloe equipment range, with, from now on, a more than 23 years-experience in both industry and microfabrication techniques.