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SELECTBIO Conferences Biosensors & Biosecurity Summit 2017

Venkat Gundabala's Biography

Venkat Gundabala, Assistant Professor

Venkat Gundabala currently is an Assistant professor in the department of Chemical engineering at IIT Bombay. He obtained his M.S. from Drexel University, USA and his PhD from University of Sheffield, UK, both in Chemical engineering. After that he had postdoctoral stints at University of Cambridge, UK and Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, before joining IIT Bombay in 2012. He has worked in a variety of areas such as droplet-based Microfluidics, Lab-on-a-chip for biological applications, Nano-composites, and water-based coatings. At IIT Bombay, his main research includes using microfluidic tools to synthesize nano-materials and developing Lab-on-a-chip devices for biological applications (particularly for studying C. elegans). His other research interests include nano-composites and functional coatings.

Venkat Gundabala Image