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Santosh Kumar Malyala's Biography

Santosh Kumar Malyala, Research Scholar

Santosh Kumar Malyala Working as a Research Fellow and Doctoral Student at National Institute of Technology Warangal India. Completed Masters in Product Design and Development course from NIT Warangal in 2009. Done Mechanical Engineering in Bachelors degree. working in collaboration with Panania dental College Hyderabad for medical cases where 3D printed models or implants play major role in case of complex surgeries. Worked as a Research Associate, with ESIGELEC research institute in France as part of GEOCOLIS project from Feb 2009 To July 2009. Apart from the above, been a part of various Software design and development teams at major MNCs. Published more than 10 research publications in Various international publications and conferences.

Santosh Kumar Malyala Image