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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioprinting & 3D Printing in the Life Sciences

Gui Zhen Teoh's Biography

Gui Zhen Teoh, Research Associate

My academic training and research have centered on the development of resorbable nanocomposite polymers for paediatric airway regeneration, from the synthesis and characterisation of nanocomposite polymers, a detailed analysis of the toxicology and degradation profiles of each polymer, an examination of mesenchymal stem cell and bronchial epithelial cell behaviour on polymeric scaffolds to the manufacture of tracheal scaffolds for implantation in a lapine model using 3D printing techniques. Areas of interest for future research stem from a personal goal of developing bespoke 3D printed scaffolds for paediatric organ regeneration, available within a short period of time to serve as the Gold Standard of care. As a result, my current aspirations include modifying the polymeric formulations I have developed into filaments and pellets compatible with 3D printers, optimizing production and reproduction of polymeric tissue engineering scaffolds under GMP conditions, incorporating inkjet, micro-extrusion and laser assisted bio-printing with stem cells and primary cells into my work; and investigating effective storage options for tissue engineered scaffolds. Research interests aside, my passions include organizing and participating in public engagement events promoting awareness in organ donation and transplantation as well as encouraging and recognizing women's commitment to careers in science.

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