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Alan Trounson's Biography

Alan Trounson, President

Alan Trounson, Ph.D., is President of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine in San Francisco, California, the state’s $3billion stem cell agency. Prior to joining CIRM in January 2008, Trounson was Director of the Monash Immunology and Stem Cell Laboratories at Monash University. Dr. Trounson founded seven companies and the ‘Australian Stem Cell Centre’. He was a pioneer of human in vitro fertilisation (IVF) and associated reproductive technologies; the diagnosis of inherited genetic disease in pre-implantation embryos; the discovery and production of human embryonic stem cells and of their directed differentiation into a wide range of cell and tissue types. He is currently driving basic research in stem cell biology and medicine and facilitating the translation of stem cell discoveries into clinical treatments for patients.

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