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SELECTBIO Conferences Emerging Role of Next Generation Sequencing in Clinical Genomics

Kshitish Acharya's Biography

Kshitish Acharya, Faculty Scientist

Prof. Kshitish Acharya is currently a faculty at IBAB ( He is also the founder director of Shodhaka Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. ( and the Biological Data Analyzer's Association (BdataA), and has been an adjunct professor or visiting faculty at JNCASR (Bengaluru), IIIT (Bengaluru), CHG (Bengaluru), Pharma Biotech Dept at MCOPS (Manipal), University of Sydney (Australia). He has been using a combination of molecular biology and bioinformatics approaches in his research, and has lead multiple data analysis projects in genomics, exomics, microarray- or NGS-based (coding and non-coding) transcriptomics, ChIP, and metagenomics. He is currently trying to establish tissue-specific molecular portraits via integrated data analysis, with a long term goal of discovering more reliable disease-biomarkers. His 28 years of research experience includes molecular biology and computational research-approaches, and exposure academia in other countries such as USA (~4 years), Australia, Kuwait, and S. Korea. Apart from regular-course-teaching at IBAB & other institutes, and conducting more than 50 short courses and workshops, he also conceptualized and convened a unique (14 months') laboratory biotechniques program at IBAB, through 8 successful batches.

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