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SELECTBIO Conferences MedChem India 2017

Ramaiah Muthyala's Biography

Ramaiah Muthyala, Associate Professor

Dr Ramaiah Muthyala received his Ph.D. from Sagar University, India in 1970 and Ph.D. from University of East Anglia, UK in 1975, and MBA from University of St. Thomas, USA in 1998. He is currently associate professor in the department of experimental clinical pharmacology, University of Minnesota. He is fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry.
Ramaiah started his pharma industry career with Indian Drugs & Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Hyderabad followed by Schering (New Jersey), Dow Chemical (Michigan) 3M and Imation (Minnesota) working in the areas medical imaging, Neurological conditons, neglected diseases, orphan drugs, antibiotics, and complex natural produces of biological interests. His scientific contributions are directly responsible for the development of Vigabatrin (epilepsy), Diflore (sleeping sickness), radiolabeled biopharmaceuticals (cancer) and functional dyes (dry silver) and covered in fifteen patents. He served as member of the executive Board of Suven Life Sciences, and Vorin Laboratories.
In his over fifteen years of academic experience, Ramaiah focused his research in rare blood disorders (sickle cell, hemophilia, thalassemia, cancer) rare neurological disorders (Ataxia) and drug resistance pathogens. Repurposing or reposition of existing drugs is the main theme of his research.
Dr. Ramaiah serves as president/CEO of Indian Organization for Rare Diseases (, a not-for-profit enterprise. It is an umbrella organization representing rare diseases patients and patient organizations in India.

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