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Lusine Danielyan's Biography

Lusine Danielyan, Head, Division of Cellular/Molecular Pharmacology

Lusine Danielyan MD is Head of Division of Cellular/Molecular Pharmacology at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, University Hospital of Tuebingen, Germany. She earned her MD at the University Hospital of Tuebingen.
Her current research interests include the exploration of mechanisms and efficacy of neuroprotection provided by several agents including growth factors and therapeutic cells in neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and stroke. Her new findings on intranasal delivery of cells to the brain were highlighted by several journals including Nature Methods, European Journal of Cell Biology, Neurology Today, The New Scientist and others. For the discovery of intranasal delivery of cells to the brain she received an award from the German Ministry of Nutrition and Agriculture in 2009 and also received the World Pharma Young investigator Award in 2010.

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