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Alina Ostrowska's Biography

Alina Ostrowska, Director

Alina Ostrowska Ph.D. is a Director of Translational Research at International Stem Cell Corporation. Dr. Ostrowska has conducted hepatocyte research for >15 years, and has broad expertise relevant to this research program. She directed programs in primary human hepatocyte isolation, characterization, immunogenicity, and cryopreservation. She also coordinated protocol development for a multicenter hepatocyte transplantation clinical trial. She was on the ISCO team that developed recently-published, novel hpDE and hpHC differentiation methods. Prior to joining ISCO, Dr. Ostrowska worked as Principal Scientist for CellzDirect and for Tissue Transformation Technologies, the leading providers of hepatocytes used in pharmaceutical research. Though most of her work was in industry with significant management responsibilities, she has published numerous peer reviewed papers on human hepatocyte biology, cell transplantation, cytotoxicity, and drug metabolism.

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