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SELECTBIO Conferences Advances in LabAutomation & Robotics

Advances in LabAutomation & Robotics

Conference Chairman

Malcolm Crook

Malcolm Crook
Director, Peak Analysis & Automation Ltd

Keynote Speakers

Anthony Davies
Director of Translational Cell Imaging, The Queensland University of Technology

Katherine Roper
Research Associate, Manchester Institute of Technology


With a demand in biobanking for high quality specimens, part of this track will explore preparation techniques of extracted cellular material and human biological specimens in order to obtain accurate, reliable and standardised data. An important part of drug discovery is managing compound libraries efficiently, with ever increasing costs and challenges in sample storage, this conference will discuss problems and highlight solutions. Applications in genomics research will also be highlighted here as well as in our concurrent tracks on Personalised Medicine and Genome Engineering

The presentations in this conference will complement the exhibits in the European LabAutomation area within the adjacent BIOTECHNICA-LABVOLUTION exhibit hall showcasing relevant vendors and products in this space.

Conference delegates will also receive a complimentary pass to the exhibition.

Agenda Topics

  • Applications of Automation and Robotics in:
    • Analytical Laboratories
    • Biobanking & Biorepositories
    • Compound Management
    • Genomics Research

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Exhibition Team,
+44 (0) 1206 501654

Distinguished Faculty

Rivka Ravid, Brain Bank Consultant, Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences
Rob Harkness, Business Development Manager, Peak Analysis & Automation Ltd
Holger Becker, Chief Scientific Officer, Microfluidic ChipShop
Andrew Mitchell, HTE Specialist, Unilever Research
John Boother, Managing Director, Autoscribe Ltd.
Andreas Schuele, MedLab Business Manager, Festo
Niklaus Graber, President , SiLA
Simon Tickle, Principal Scientist, UCB Pharma
Barry Weller, Product Manager, Mitsubushi Electric Automation Systems UK
Jamie Marsay, Project Manager, Labman Automation Ltd
Gregory Ryan, Senior Scientist, PTC Therapeutics Inc
Mark Beviss, Technical Sales Manager, Contained Air Solutions

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