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SELECTBIO Conferences Bioprinting and 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe

Bioprinting and 3D Printing in the Life Sciences Europe

Keynote Speakers

May Griffith
Professor and Caroline Durand Foundation Research Chair in Cellular Therapy, University of Montreal

James Hickman
Professor, Nanoscience Technology, Chemistry, Biomolecular Science and Electrical Engineering, University of Central Florida; Chief Scientist, Hesperos

Yan Yan Shery Huang
University Lecturer in Bioengineering, University of Cambridge

Clive Roberts
Professor of Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology and Head of School of Pharmacy, University of Nottingham

Jürgen Stampfl
Professor, Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Vienna University of Technology


SELECTBIO is thrilled to present 3D Printing and Bioprinting in Life Sciences, taking place 17th and 18th October 2017 in Cambridge, UK.

The interest around 3D-printing has risen spectacularly within the last few years. With continued progress, it has the potential to revolutionise the life sciences the advances in 3D printing and bioprinting technology have expansive applications in surgery, personalized medicine, diagnostics, and drug discovery.

This conference will look at a wide range of technologies, applications and methodologies within the 3D in life sciences space. With a well-known track record for delivering high quality agendas, this event will include talks from some of the world’s foremost innovators in materials, applications, digital dentistry, scaffolds, cell containing constructs and tissue regeneration.

Posters from delegates are welcomed as a means to disseminate the most up-to-date research and commercial applications which complement the presentations from the leaders in these fields.

Agenda Topics

  • 3D Bioprinting of Multilevel Vessels
  • 3D-printable High Performance Ceramics for Digital
  • 3d.FAB Platform: 3D Printing for Life Science
  • Light-based Additive Manufacturing for Tissue Engineering
  • Material Considerations for 3D Printing in Tissue Engineering
  • Remote (Light, Magnetic, Ultrasound) Guided Delivery of Cells and Site and Time Specific Activation of Biologically Active Compounds
  • Stem Cell Bioprinting using a Hybrid Microporous Bioink
  • Stem Cell Bioprinting using a Hybrid Microporous Bioink
  • Supramolecular Hydrogels based on DNA Self-assembly
  • The Importance of Cell Phenotype in 3D Printing

Sponsorship and Exhibition Opportunities

Exhibition Team,
+44 (0) 1206 501654

Distinguished Faculty

Maité Rielland, Advanced Research Engineer, L’Oréal
John Hundley Slater, Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Delaware
Adam Perriman, Associate Professor of Biodesign, Reader in Biomaterials, University of Bristol
Pankaj Karande, Associate Professor, Chemical and Biological Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)
Paulo Jorge Bártolo, Chair of Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Director of the Manchester Biomanufacturing Centre, University of Manchester
Kuan Hsun Lin, Chief Resident, Division of Thoracic Surgery, National Defense Medical Center Taipei and Taiwan FDA
Martin Birchall, Professor, University College London
Gleb Sukhorukov, Professor, University Of London
Ali Mobasheri, Professor, University of Surrey
Suwan Jayasinghe, Professor of Bioengineering, Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine and Department of Mechanical Engineering, University College London
José Manuel García-Aznar, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical and Biological Engineering Research group (M2BE), University of Zaragoza
Christophe Marquette, Research Director , Universite Lyon
Torsten Hoffman, Senior Consultant for Drug Discovery, Hesperos
Frederik Claeyssens, Senior Lecturer, Materials Science and Engineering, University of Sheffield

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