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Cell Based Assays and High Content Screening / Analysis (HCS/A) “What You Need to Know and What you Need to Avoid”

Held in conjunction with CellTech 2013

21 Jan 2013, at 13:30 - 17:00 in San Diego, CA, USA


Background to the Workshop

The complexity of contemporary tasks in biomedical research has led to the rapid development of high content analysis technologies (HCA). In contrast to the more traditional cellular analysis approaches, these technologies enable the researcher to monitor and analyse multiple molecular targets in individual cells at sub-cellular resolution level in an automated multi-well format.  As with many other technologies HCS/A is centred upon the analysis of cells in vitro. This workshop will cover the key features of HCS/A technologies and the best approaches to using 

Who Should Attend? 

This course has been developed to introduce and facilitate scientists who are either; moving into the field or who are interested in further developing new research applications for this technology.

Course Structure 

  • An introduction to HCA technologies 
  • Best practises for the preparation, development and development of cell based assays
  • Trouble shooting cell based assays “problem solving at the bench”
  • Group Discussion and Q and A    

Learning Outcomes 

  • Get familiar with the basics of HCS/A and gain an understating of the capabilities of this technology
  • Get a better understanding of the key principles of assay design and assay development. 
  • Gain a better understanding of some of the more common problems encountered by HCS users and how to solve them.

About the Instructor 

Dr Anthony Mitchell Davies has worked in cell based assay development for over a decade, and was responsible for the setting up and running of the Irish National Centre For High Content Screening and Analysis (INCHSA),  Dr Davies’s personal research interests are focused on miniaturisation high content assays and development of improved and physiologically relevant cell based assay systems for drug discovery and biomedical research. Through his work Dr Davies has now developed a suite of novel research technologies that have recently been out licensed for use within the wider HCS/A and drug discovery industry. 

Dr Davies has over the last 8 years personally instructed approximately and international workshops, training courses and lectures focused on the use of HCS/A in biomedical research.  Dr Davies was also key in the development and running of the first academic course in HCS/A which began in 2006 and which is now taught at postgraduate and undergraduate levels.       

Anthony  Davies

Anthony Davies, Director, Trinity College Dublin