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Drug Discovery Technology : Insights of Structure based Drug Designing

Asif Naqvi, CEO & Founder, BioDiscovery Group Life Sciences

The trainer, Asif Naqvi is originally from India and is the Founder and CEO of BioDiscovery Group. He has a specialization degree in Biotechnology from AMITY University, India. He has extensive experience in Bioinformatics focusing on Drug Discovery & Designing. He has conducted nearly 50 workshops on drug discovery & designing around the world, namely in IIT Guwahati, AIIMS New Delhi, VIT Vellore, etc in India and in Dubai, Egypt, Iran, Mexico and Malaysia.
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He is an expert in ChemSketch, RasMol SPDBV, Modellar, UCSF Chimera, MGL Tools, AutoDock, FLEXX, Hex, GROMACS 3.3.2, 3.3.3, and several online databases such as NCBI, KEGG, Swiss Prot, EMBL-EBI, DDBJ, RCSB-PDB, Super Drug Database, ChemBank, PubChem, etc, Research and development equipment such as laminar flow, AGE, PAGE, PCR, etc. Till date he has published over 60 articles and led 48 projects based on this newest technology of insilico drug discovery- Structure based drug designing. He was nominated for the Young Entrepreneur Award organized by The Economic Times, India and trademart, India, in 2012. He is the Expert member of board of studies for Department of Bioinformatics, Karunya University, India. Recently he is appointed as Industry Expert for Board of Studies & Research in Bio & Nano Technology, Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology, Hisar, Haryana, India.

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